My Dissertation… My Life!

4 May

The main challenge I have faced in my final year was producing a dissertation to be (more than) proud of!

I began researching a year ago to ensure I chose a topic I was so interested in, I wouldn’t get bored with it in a hurry!

I quickly decided to base the project around vintage clothing, as this is something that is very dear to my heart.

At the age of 14 I was rummaging through charity shops and Birmingham’s two vintage shops (“Grandma Takes a Trip” and “Gladrags”) with every scrap of pocket-money I received!

I can still hear my mom’s reaction when I returned home from a shopping trip; “I had one like that!!”

‘Vintage’ was not nearly as popular as it has prolifically grown to be today, with high street retailers and couture designers now using vintage as inspiration for current collections.

However, being the pedantic individual I am, I managed to uncover a gap in the, already, vast and extensive vintage clothing market!

While shopping one day at Spitalfields Market, my good friend Sara said to me…

“I always love your vintage clothes. You have to show me what good vintage is because I have no idea but I’d love to start wearing it”

And that’s when it clicked!

Show people ‘good’ vintage and how to wear it!

That’s how Covet was born: An exclusive vintage styling consultancy/boutique/salon/beauty parlour/social hub.

Photoshoot I did! Click on this to see Covet's very own blog!

Covet’s aim is to provide a personal service to assist ladies in achieving an entire vintage look, or introduce vintage to them in a way that suits their personality and lifestyle.

As I document the build up to Graduate Fashion Week and my final show, where this piece of work will be displayed, you will get to know Covet more.

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