Style Generation…

9 May

Further to Friday’s post about my Mom’s bygone style I really think my grandparents should also get a mention too!

These photos were taken during the 1940s and 50s when everyone was immaculately dressed all the time, no matter the occassion.

Here is my mother’s mother, Mary! Can you see the beautiful resemblense?!

I’m a huge fan of her victory rolls, and the tea dress is so cute.
This entire photo is adorable, she looks so happy and carefree!

Here is another one with my mother’s father, David who looks like a very dapper gentleman…

I have also found some photographs of my Father’s parents looking beautifully chic…

My grandma Peggy is a blonde bombshell and so glamourous!

And here she is with my grandfather, Colin, and my dad, Peter, as a baby!

I adore Peggy’s neat floral dress and Colin looks very handsome and proud!

I can sit and listen to them talk about their memories as a young couple for hours, and seeing beautiful photographs of them lets me imagine how much fun they really must have had!

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