BIAD Show Preparation Begins…

10 May

Today I had a tutorial with Joe Miles to discuss the poster that will be hung above my dissertation project at our end of year show.

As well as a few lines about myself I also need to come up with a layout and wording that complement and explain my project quickly and interestingly.

First I have sketched out a few possible layouts to see what works best, then I started putting the layouts into In Design.

Here is my final poster…fashion retail management
I chose this one as the alignment and width of the text complements the content of my dissertation. I have also used the same font.

I wanted to avoid this looking like a collage so have selected one image which I believe is the strongest from the photoshoot I produced to support the project.

Finally adding the ‘Covet’ logo demonstrates the brand image which is consistent throughout my work.

The poster will also feature a short statement about myself, and here is what I have come up with…

Arriving at university with a strong creative flair and an organisational nature I have been able to develop these qualities throughout my degree.

Through a diverse range of modules and high profile internships at Fluorescent PR, Good Housekeeping Magazine and Kerry Taylor Auctions, I am equipped with the experience and skills for a flourishing career in the fashion industry.

My love of fashion amplifies my drive and ambition to succeed.

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