Getting from A to B…

13 May

What I have quickly picked up on in Barcelona is the number of alternative ways people choose to travel around the city, instead of driving.

Of course there are cars, however modes of transport such as motorbikes and mopeds seem to be a favoured, perhaps because it is free to park them. They are all over the place!

As I don’t drive myself I have to find other methods of transport in my everyday life. Although I love riding my bike, Birmingham roads aren’t the best equipped for cyclists. However, in Barcelona, there sometimes seems to be more push bikes on the road than cars!
Bikes are available to hire from various places on the street or shops that hire them out for a day or half day!

This isn’t my first trip to Barcelona, but it is the first time I have used to metro here and I have to say I’m very impressed. It is never delayed and trains arrive within 5 minutes of each other, making it really easy to get from one side of the city to the other very quickly (perfect for super-keen tourists who want to see EVERYTHING).

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