Would My Business be a ‘Super Business’?

20 May

This morning I started reading ‘Super Business’ by Fraser Doherty, the young boy who started the business Super Jam.

I first saw this book at the airport when I was going to Barcelona and had a quick flick through before boarding! the only reason I picked it up is because I’ve had that jam a number of times.

However, I quickly realised the book is not only about Fraser’s business, but also how he transformed a hobby into the brand we see in the supermarket.

“Nothing in my life has compared to the sense of achievement that I felt when I first saw my products on the supermarket shelf.”

He explains how he did it and offers very encouraging business advice for everyone thinking of setting up their own business. The tips, ideas and advice can be applied to any business idea and I can definitely relate to much of the content from writing Covet’s business plan for my dissertation.

It is mainly an inspiration, reading about someone so young and what they went through to do what they are passionate about.

“It’s a lot easier to follow your passion when you’re young.”

“Evolve your hobby into a career, so you can make a living from something you love”

I am definitely in the frame of mind to want to set up my own business, or give it a really good go at least!

“Great ideas solve some kind of problem that lots of people relate to.”

Have I got a great idea? Well I think so, so it’s up to me to find out for sure. Now my time at university is drawing to a close I feel I have more time to focus my energies on creating a ‘great idea’ and putting it into action.

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