29 May

Although I plan to get my business idea off the ground on a small scale by attending vintage fairs and visiting people at home with my collection I need to consider the future and what will be the most profitable business.

I am aiming to start working on a thorough business plan in the next few weeks, using the skills and experience I gained through writing my dissertation business plan.

With this I will be able to apply for funding. To do this I will need to convince a bank or investor that I have a viable business idea.

I have been looking into funding already and there are many different types that will obviously have different outcomes.

I have already researched The Prince’s Trust, Birmingham City Council, and business loans, as well as an article I read in the Birmingham Post about Deloitte backing a funding scheme for local independent businesses.

There is also plenty of mentoring and guidance which will be very helpful.

One article in the June issue of Marie Claire was all about applying for mentors who run successful businesses, such as the make-up brand Ruby and Millie,  feel I am making good progress with my business ideas, I just need to start making things happen!

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