Sourcing the Collection…

5 Jun

As I discovered through my dissertation research, there are a great number of ways and places to source desirable vintage clothing.

It needs to be cheap enough to then be marked up to a, still, reasonable price that is affordable for my target market.

I am sourcing a number of higher-end pieces from private sellers in America, plus I will be visiting a vintage wholesaler in the UK next week.

Wholesalers usually make you buy in bulk and there is a minimum spend, but I’ve managed to find one who is based on quality rather than quantity, so I’m keen to check it out!

I already have a small collection which I am currently valuing and pricing up. It is partly things I have collected and worn myself over a number of years, as well as things I have sourced from markets and charity shops, although, finding a vintage piece in a charity shop nowadays is a rare treat!

I can’t wait to see what I will end up buying and starting my business with.

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