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Me? On Elle?…

13 Jun

If you remember I told you I’d been photographed for street style at graduate fashion week!?

Well I just found it!! On the Elle website!

claire robinson

Pick a Pocket or Two!

2 Jun

It’s day 4 of the Killer Jeans campaign against sandblasting and we’re stepping out of the virtual world and into reality…

Day Four Action:

Put a message in a pocket…

This involves printing out the downloadable PDF of a pocket slip and putting it into a pocket! It informs the finder of the campaign and the dangers of sandblasting!

So earlier today I sneaked into *a retailer of sandblasted jeans* at the Bullring, to slip the message into the back pocket of a pair of jeans. I wasn’t quite rebellious enough to stick around for a photo though!

“Fact of the Day: The first two workers to be diagnosed with silicosis from textile sandblasting had been in the job since they were 13 and 14; they died before they were 20 years old.

Tweet Back at Ya!

2 Jun

Last night I had a good response from London vintage retailer Harry Smiles on my Tweet about the Killer Jeans campaign!

Here’s what happened…

It’s great that people are noticing the campaign and are concerned by the cause!

However, my opinon is that vintage clothing is already the purist form of ethical clothing. it has already been made and it is being reused.

Plus, old fashioned methods of making clothing were alot more ethical, with alot of garments being made by hand in the the country where they were sold.

My opinion on fur and other skins is true for the same reasons. It’s already been used, and by buying vintage fure, leather, or other skins you are prolonging the life of that garment as opposed to buying a new, mass produced coat/bag/pair of shoes/hat etc that ultimately won’t last as long!

On another note, feel free to follow me on Twitter, that is if you haven’t had enough of my ramblings here!! @Tweet_Dolly

Killer Tweets!

1 Jun

Facebook is already awash with pics and posts about Killer Jeans and Diesel have already responded to all the comments, saying that they’re putting a ban into effect as of now (they had originally told us they would keep sandblasting until summer 2012).

Today the campaign is taking on Twitter!

Day 3 Action:

Today’s action is to create a storm on twitter by messaging @dolcegabbana @ARMANIdotcom to ask the Killer Question.

Here’s me in action:

“Fact of the Day: Jeans with the faded or worn out look achieved by sandblasting often retail for as much as 180% of the price of an untreated pair of jeans.

I wonder what Labour Behind the Label will have in store for me tomorrow!!

Asking the Killer Question

31 May

It is day two of the campaign against sandblasting jeans lead by Labour Behind the Label.

Today my mission is again, using Facebook to raise the issue of Killer Jeans with three top luxury fashion brands who are yet to ban or illiminate sandblasting from their supply chains!

Looks like I’m not the only one!

“Fact of the Day: Over 50 fatalities from Silicosis in turkey have been directly link to denim sandblasting.

Taking Action!!

30 May

Campaigners around the country are taking action this week to tell the fashion industry that sandblasting kills, and it MUST BE BANNED.

I am actively supporting the campaign and will receive an email from Labour Behind the Label everyday instructing me on how to act on getting the message across about this brutal and unnecessary method.

Day 1

Tell friends on facebook that you think killer jeans are wrong by making this picture your profile image:

They also encourage you reinforce the picture with a status update!
Here is a screenshot of my Facebook profile taking action today:

If you want to find out about sandblasting and the fatal effects of distressed denim on workers, click this link

Fact of the Day: Sandblasting is one of more than 5 techniques that can be used to distress denim, but it is often over 5 times cheaper than its alternatives.”


10 May

Ok ok! I know I bought a pair of sandal-type shoes last week,  but COME ON! River Island just held a student shop-in evening for “one night only” with 20% off everything in store. what am I expected to do!? It would be a crime NOT to go!

I don’t even usually bother with promotions like this as I know there’s going to be a queue but I only actually waited around 20 minutes to go in, arriving promptly at 5.20pm (doors opened at 5.30pm) valid student card in-hand! I pretty much located the shoes, paid and left before my new shoes and I got trampled to death(worse-case scenario)!

Anyway, I only bought one thing, and that’s the shoes!

I think they look vintage in a 1970s, ethnic/boho way but I’m going to team them with all sorts of styles and looks.

Here I’ve put them with some oh-so-cute gold socks, to complement the stud detail! Ankle socks are right on-trend for this summer and give the whole look a quirky, preppy look!

I ‘Hasbeen’ Shopping!

7 May

Pun definately intended! Today I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pair of Swedish Hasbeens clogs for H&M!

Established in 2006, Swedish Hasbeens produces shoes and accessories but are best known for their extensive range of clogs. Their ambition is to “continue to release more incoherent and fun shoes and stuff inspired by Hasbeens that once ruled the planet”.

Swedish Hasbeens for H&M

Anything mildy suggestive of nostalgia is fine by me!

I plumped for the red pair and am so keen to wear them I have called on some friends for an impromptue meet up so I can parade my purchase!

I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re so comfortable and I do like a shoe that I can walk – and run – in (as I’ll probably have to run for the bus in a minute!), as the wooden heel is surprisingly light for a clog.

I love the retro 1970s vibe of the entire collection and the image of librarian chic my shoes conjure up.

At £34.99 a pop it almost seemed too good to be true, plus, a surprise bonus is the cute organic-cotton tote bag  that your shoes come in. Swedish Hasbeens for H&M
There is also a note from Swedish Hasbeens, detailing all you need to know about your new shoes and how to care from them.
For example, did you know that as Swedish Hasbeens are handmade from natural materials, you could pretty much bury your shoes in the garden? Should you wish.

No chance here – they’re for wearing on my feet…

There’s no place like H&M 😉

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