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Me? On Elle?…

13 Jun

If you remember I told you I’d been photographed for street style at graduate fashion week!?

Well I just found it!! On the Elle website!

claire robinson

Lovely Farringdon!…

9 Jun

I just got off the tube at Farringdon, not somewhere I have been before, despite my many visits to London, AND despite this place being amazing!

As I headed up Farringdon Rd towards my destination: Exmouth Market (following my pre-prepared Google map) I could not help but be distracted by the quant cafes, cool bars, pokey galleries and quirky shops that lined the pavement.

exmouth market

exmouth market
family business

salon liv

cafe kick

grills and martinis

I also managed to find a charity shop where I  bagged a vintage mod dress for £5.99!

After chatting to the man in the charity shop about how we love vintage clothes but hardly find them in charity shops anymore I also saw this AMAZING Vespa…

I’m just off to Exmouth Market now so catch up with you a bit later…

Barcelona by Night…

12 May

I just want to acknowledge how beautiful this city is at night as well as during the day!

Here are a few pictures I just took whilst walking around aimlessly after dinner…


Style Generation…

9 May

Further to Friday’s post about my Mom’s bygone style I really think my grandparents should also get a mention too!

These photos were taken during the 1940s and 50s when everyone was immaculately dressed all the time, no matter the occassion.

Here is my mother’s mother, Mary! Can you see the beautiful resemblense?!

I’m a huge fan of her victory rolls, and the tea dress is so cute.
This entire photo is adorable, she looks so happy and carefree!

Here is another one with my mother’s father, David who looks like a very dapper gentleman…

I have also found some photographs of my Father’s parents looking beautifully chic…

My grandma Peggy is a blonde bombshell and so glamourous!

And here she is with my grandfather, Colin, and my dad, Peter, as a baby!

I adore Peggy’s neat floral dress and Colin looks very handsome and proud!

I can sit and listen to them talk about their memories as a young couple for hours, and seeing beautiful photographs of them lets me imagine how much fun they really must have had!

Calm Before the Storm

8 May

I just had to stop and take a picture of the sunsetting over my neighbourhood on my walk home today!

It reminded me of how I love the summer months for beautiful weather and late sunsets!

Needless to say this stunning picture didn’t last long before the rain clouds descended and I got SOAKED!

My Mom: A Heyday Style Icon

6 May

Due to my love of vintage fashion and nostalgia in general, one of my favourite blogs is “My Mom, the Style Icon”.
Just for fun, people email old photographs of their moms looking particularly stylish, epochal and covetable. It is a celebration of the very first—and most important—style icon in every girl’s life!
The blog became so popular that the author, Piper Weiss, published a book of the same name.

Here is a trailer of Piper with her mother talking about the book and blog…

I love the bit where her mom says “I still have the skirt”, proving true vintage never ages!

Here are a few photos of my Mom, Elizabeth, at various ages.

Loving the Peter Pan collar and knee socks combo!

Do you think they planned their outfits together?


Love the bangs!

My Mom continues to look immaculate everyday. She is a natural beauty and always wears gorgeous clothes.
Hi Mom!!

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