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22 Jun

If you would like to view my dissertation project please click on the following links:

Dissertation Business Plan

Dissertation Marketing & Promotional Strategy

Dissertation Styled Photoshoot Lookbook

Dissertation Profit & Loss and Costings

You can also see what I’ve been up to since university by clicking here and visiting my vintage fashion auction website!

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W… W… WOW!

14 May

So last night after a lovely dinner at a Barceloneta restaurant we strolled to the W Hotel, stated as “The best hotel in Barcelona” by Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer on ‘Vacation, Vacation, Vacation’!

It isn’t hard to spot as the building is 26 floors high and a distinctive modern structure, set apart from the many other fabulous pieces of architecture in the city.

w hotel barcelona

So we followed the big lit up ‘W’ along the Barcelona sea front.

I was immediately impressed from the instant I walked through the main doors into the lobby.

The walls are covered in shimmering plastic discs, making me feel like I was at Studio 54! I almost expected Andy Warhol to be sat at the lobby bar!!

w hotel barcelona

w hotel barcelona

It reminds me very much of a 1960s Paco Rabanne disc dress, which later influenced architect Jan Kaplicky when designing Selfridges in Birmingham.

paco rabanne

selfridges birmingham

What we really went to W for is a cocktail in the ultra-cool Eclipse bar which is on the very top floor and offers panoramic views of the entire city!

However, there was rather a long queue when we arrived so nonchalantly ordered a drink from the lobby bar and sat (or should I say lay, as we were on a doubleĀ  sun lounger/bed, complete with canopy) by the pool.

w hotel barcelona

When we went back inside the queue had gone so we eagerly went to the front! We were taken up in the lift by the door attendant who complimented me on my vintage clutch as we left the lift and entered Eclipse!

The bar was buzzing and rammed with young, fashionable people, both tourists and locals.

w hotel barcelona

w hotel barcelona

After ordering two (delicious) watermelon martinis we managed to bag ourselves a seat in the window so we could take in the amazing view of Barcelona by night.

eclipse bar

w hotel

barcelona view

Needless to say, the whole experience was perfect and definitely added some luxury to our trip!

w hotel barcelona


Must go… we’re off to Parc Guell, will tell you all about that later!

Micro-Mini has landed…

3 May


If you are reading this then you have undoubtedly found my blog! Congratulations!!

This is simply a collection of stories, experiences, inspirations, observations and general titbits from my daily life.

I will also document the final stage of my journey as a Fashion Retail Management student, as I prepare to graduate and enter the world as an aspiring career woman.

At the moment the majority of my time is spent researching, consuming, admiring, wearing and pondering fashion.

However, I also have diverse and distinct tastes, hobbies and opinions, therefore this blog provides a true insight into my world.

I hope you are as interested as I am excited and curious as to what the forthcoming weeks have in store!

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