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The End

16 Jun

Last night was the friends and family evening of the BIAD show.

My family and closest friends accompanied me to the evening and mingled with my uni’ friends.

The evening commenced with a presentation by Alison, the course director about the past three years, followed by an awards ceremony for students who had particularly well at certain things.

1st year memories of styling hair for a fashion show at House of Fraser

I was astonished when my name was called for the final award: Fashion Retail Management Scholarship Prize 2011.

Accepting my prize

The Prize!

As well as a glorifying certificate I won a lovely bottle of Harvey Nichols champagne and some vouchers to spend in the Birmingham store! I can’t thank my tutors Alison, Julia and Ellie enough for giving me this award!

What a wonderful send off from a fantastic journey!

Thank you


BIAD Show Finishing Touches

10 Jun

I’ve just been in to uni to put the finishing touches to my exhibition stand for the BIAD show which is being held next week!

Here’s a few pic’s of my final display…

My booth!

Marketing material

Pieces from my photoshoot and branding

Salon cape and towel

The Finer Details

5 Jun


Mod on Cosmo!

3 Jun

A couple of days ago, whilst at uni’, I noticed a pile of free magazines. As i’m always on the look out for something new to write about I picked it up without thinking twice.

Cosmo on Campus is produced by Cosmopolitan but a lot smaller and with content aimed specifically to students.

It features such things on ‘Fashion on a Shoestring, saving money, internships and how to deal with stress.

What caught my eye first (partly because it was on one of the first pages) was a short ad entitled ‘Cosmo on Campus Needs Your talent Now’.

Cosmo on Campus features content written by readers in every issue and are looking for people who have interesting stores, hobbies and a flair for writing.

As I am considering starting my own business with vintage fashion I thought it would be a good idea to try to get my name out there as somewhat of an expert so I have just emailed them telling them about my dissertation, passion for vintage fashion and goals to set up my own business.

I also told them how I’d written a few articles for our own student magazine ‘Spaghetti Junction’, one in particular being about fashion…

Everyone keep everything crossed for them to get back to me!

I’ll keep you posted.

A Lick of Paint…

1 Jun

I’ve just got back from spending a couple of hours at uni with my friends Katy and Sarah. We were helping out painting the Fashion Retail Management room in preparation for work on the BIAD show to begin.

The show will exhibit our dissertation projects and there is the opportunity to show our industry contacts what we’ve been up to, as well as our friends and family.

So we want to room to look spic and span, just incase Stella McCartney pops in for a cup of tea!

Hard at work

Attention to detail

I'm too busy to even look at the camera!


22 May

Last night I went to the Flapper & Firkin in Birmingham to see my good friends, Heroica play their last gig!

Founded in 2005, Heroica are a four-piece who met while studying at Aston University through the ‘Live Music Society’.

The guys describe their music as “Alcohol-fuelled hard pub-rock” and are influenced by classic rock and blues such as Thin Lizzy, Cream and Free.

Over the past couple of years I have had the privilege of (sort of) working with Heroica, in a somewhat “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine’ way.

I was organising ‘Get Your Rocks Off’ with a group of classmates. A huge event at Birmingham’s Custard Factory which involved live bands, DJs and a fashion show, combining vintage and River Island clothing.

Heroica volunteered their musical services and played a fantastic set at the event (in exchange for free haircuts!).

A few months later I found myself writing a few features for Spaghetti junction, the Birmingham City University student magazine.

The editors wanted a profile of a local band, and, instantly thinking of Heroica, I volunteered myself for the piece!

Click image to enlarge

You can still hear a selection of their songs via Facebook and My Space.

BIAD Show Preparation Begins…

10 May

Today I had a tutorial with Joe Miles to discuss the poster that will be hung above my dissertation project at our end of year show.

As well as a few lines about myself I also need to come up with a layout and wording that complement and explain my project quickly and interestingly.

First I have sketched out a few possible layouts to see what works best, then I started putting the layouts into In Design.

Here is my final poster…fashion retail management
I chose this one as the alignment and width of the text complements the content of my dissertation. I have also used the same font.

I wanted to avoid this looking like a collage so have selected one image which I believe is the strongest from the photoshoot I produced to support the project.

Finally adding the ‘Covet’ logo demonstrates the brand image which is consistent throughout my work.

The poster will also feature a short statement about myself, and here is what I have come up with…

Arriving at university with a strong creative flair and an organisational nature I have been able to develop these qualities throughout my degree.

Through a diverse range of modules and high profile internships at Fluorescent PR, Good Housekeeping Magazine and Kerry Taylor Auctions, I am equipped with the experience and skills for a flourishing career in the fashion industry.

My love of fashion amplifies my drive and ambition to succeed.

Blogging Etiquette…

9 May

This morning’s lecture at uni’ was hosted by Chris Unitt who, among other things, set up Created in Birmingham, a promotional platform for Birmingham’s creative community.

This began life as a blog in 2006 with two aims:

  1. To find out what’s going on around Birmingham and promote it
  2. To show that blogging is a simple and effective way of engaging with audiences online

And this was also the aim of Chris’ informative lecture.

He explained the many reasons people use social media including, not just blogs, but Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Tumblr… the list is now endless as this has become a very effective and popular way of self-promotion.

Chris also brought to our attention the fact that prospective employers or customers will “Google” people’s names to find as much information about them as possible!

It definately taught me the many ways I can expand on my use of social media both in the near and distant future.

What a Surprise!

5 May

Just a quick post to say how flattered I am…

My lecturer just told me my dissertation has been entered into the ‘New Business Idea’ competition at Graduate Fashion Week!!

Keep all your fingers and toes crossed for me! How exciting!!

My Dissertation… My Life!

4 May

The main challenge I have faced in my final year was producing a dissertation to be (more than) proud of!

I began researching a year ago to ensure I chose a topic I was so interested in, I wouldn’t get bored with it in a hurry!

I quickly decided to base the project around vintage clothing, as this is something that is very dear to my heart.

At the age of 14 I was rummaging through charity shops and Birmingham’s two vintage shops (“Grandma Takes a Trip” and “Gladrags”) with every scrap of pocket-money I received!

I can still hear my mom’s reaction when I returned home from a shopping trip; “I had one like that!!”

‘Vintage’ was not nearly as popular as it has prolifically grown to be today, with high street retailers and couture designers now using vintage as inspiration for current collections.

However, being the pedantic individual I am, I managed to uncover a gap in the, already, vast and extensive vintage clothing market!

While shopping one day at Spitalfields Market, my good friend Sara said to me…

“I always love your vintage clothes. You have to show me what good vintage is because I have no idea but I’d love to start wearing it”

And that’s when it clicked!

Show people ‘good’ vintage and how to wear it!

That’s how Covet was born: An exclusive vintage styling consultancy/boutique/salon/beauty parlour/social hub.

Photoshoot I did! Click on this to see Covet's very own blog!

Covet’s aim is to provide a personal service to assist ladies in achieving an entire vintage look, or introduce vintage to them in a way that suits their personality and lifestyle.

As I document the build up to Graduate Fashion Week and my final show, where this piece of work will be displayed, you will get to know Covet more.

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